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About Us

Triage Facility Consultants

Triage Facility Consultants was founded based on a sincere desire to provide directors of organizations holding facilities, a tool to holistically manage their asset via efficiently via our systems format. The Facility Management world is a complex and expansive maze of processes and systems that require scheduled inspections, a preventive maintenance program, and a scheduled maintenance program.

We understand that the Construction world is made up of many moving parts, from Design Professionals to contract negotiations to project management with the need to maintain proper Quality Assurance Protocols (QAP) in order to effectively and efficiently close out projects. That's ok, we know it can be very challenging to deal with and gain success especially, when you have multiple projects but this is what we do- it is apart of our passion, we can help.

The Insurance arena alone can be more than frustrating, sometimes you need an insurance interpreter just to understand your policy rights, we know the feeling. The great news is that, our organization has the experience in the industry as an Independent Adjuster, Umpire experience, in claims negotiation, and settlement with more than 25 years of experience. We hold the same license that your insurance company adjuster holds; our team is ready to fight for you when you need us.

As you can see, Triage Facility Consultants bring a a wide variety of expertise to the table but what we pride ourselves on is our passion to providing you a workable may not always be what you may want but it will be the most appropriate option for your situation.


Our Team

Warren Bowen, CEO

Exective Director/

Senior Building Consultant | Phone: 601-850-9663

Holley Haywood

Director of Operations | Phone: 601-624-5220

Tonya Ham

Project Consultant | Phone: 769-251-3260

Melvin Davis

Senior Building Consultant | Phone: 601-720-8919

Brian Ray

Building Consultant | Phone: 601-398-7740

Eric Hearn

Building Consultant | Phone: 601-953-3092

Glen Smith, II

IT Consultant | Phone: 601-968-7853

Deborah Miller

Financial Consultant | Phone: 601-487-2914

Arlevia Bowen

Education Consultant | Phone: 601-487-2915

Leonard Ellis

Senior Building Consultant | Phone: 601-850-9658

Tim White

Education Consultant | Phone: 601-573-9365

Walter Crockett

Building Consultant | Phone: 479-422-5454

Jamie Anderson

Administrative Assistant | Phone: 601-813-5940

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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